Peanut Butter Log Donut Doughnut DoughBoysFUN DONUT FACT:

National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

Creamy or chunky, with chocolate or with jelly, peanut butter has been an American staple for generations. National Peanut Butter Day is observed annually on March 1st.

Did you know DoughBoys has a peanut butter donut?

Come by and ask for our Peanut Butter Log to celebrate this special day! 

DoughBoys Peaut Butter lot has peanuts on top and a peanut buttery center of goodness, YUMMM

doughboys donuts best donut in Reno foursquareWhere is the Best Place to Buy Donuts in Reno?

According to Foursquare DoughBoys Donuts is Number 1, Again!

Oh and we are number 2, too!

All of us at DoughBoys Donuts want to say thank you to all of our customers! We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for you.

Check out Foursquare here for their complete list of "The 11 Best Places for Donuts in Reno"





donut doughnut wedding eventWe Do Weddings 

Here is a picture from a wedding where we made the donuts!

This is what the happy couple said:

"This beautiful donut wedding cake was the talk of the reception. Everyone loved the idea and the delicious donuts. We only had 55 guests, so everyone was able to take a donut or two home and they were thrilled. Just so you know that tiered stand took 12 dozen donuts, 100 donut holes and for the top tier we used one of the very large donuts you make with flowers on top. Anyway, I thought you might like to have this for ideas for customers and others.

Thanks and God Bless!"

- Judy


heart shaped donuts doughboysFUN DONUT FACT:

Donuts Make a GREAT Valentine's Day Gift

In honor of this great holiday DoughBoys will be offering some delicious special menu items to spread the love for this LOVEly holiday. 

Forget the heart shaped box of stale chocolate, and surprise your loved one next Tuesday with a unique gift of heart shaped donuts just for her! Of course we will have all of our regular sweet treats, to make sure you get that special someones favorite.



cry milk donut doughnut doughboysIt's Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Yes, Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day is real!

This can cover a plethora of situations in life that just need a day to remind us to take a moment and just breathe. Breathe deeply and let all of the outside influences fall away for a few seconds. Reconnect with your inner peace, with your spiritual bearings and with the power of you. Sound too easy to be helpful? You’ll find that if you finish reading this and try some of the things suggested you really will feel better.


We also think a visit to DoughBoys Donuts and a sweet treat will hit the spot.