doughboys-donut-dunking-association-1aFUN DONUT FACT:

There Used to be a National Dunking Association

The National Dunking Association was founded in the 1930's. Believe it or not dunking had just never occurred to anyone before.

The story goes actress Mae Murray started the "craze' of dunking when she accidentally dropped her donut in her coffee and then raved about the delectable taste.

donut-by-handFUN DONUT FACT:

No Machines Here!

Here at DoughBoys Donuts we prefer to make our donuts the old fashioned way, by hand.

We often get comments on how much better our donuts taste (which we love feel free to keep them coming!). DoughBoys Donuts likes to think this is because of the extra care and personal touch we give each of our donuts. Each batch of dough is rolled out by hand and each donut is cut individually.

Here at DoughBoys we prefer this more hands on technique to ensure quality and consistant flavor in everything we sell.



Donuts are part of the Thanksgiving tradition

Well, in New York anyways...

New York recognized Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday in 1817. It was celebrated with many of the same traditional food items we have today, turkey, apple pie and cranberries, but New Yorkers often added doughnuts and crullers to the menu. YUMMY! 

If you would like to add DoughBoys Donuts to your Thanksgiving Day tradition please go to our North West Reno location. Sorry, our South Reno store will be closed.

donut-oil-doughnuts-350FUN DONUT FACT:

DoughBoys Donuts Uses More Than 8,000 Boxes Per Month!

Yes, that's right we don't just sell donuts one at a time (although we do sell a lot that way too) we sell them by the half dozen, dozen or whatever amount you want. We aim to please!

So next time you come in to buy a donut, pick up a box for your friends, co-workers, family or maybe just a couple extra for yourself (it's Ok we won't tell, it will be our little secret, it is the holidays!)



Do you know where the jelly donut came from?

The jelly donut can be traced back to the 1500's and was included in Gutenberg‘s first cookbook printed on his "revolutionary printing press." This early version consisted of a bit of jam sandwiched between two rounds of yeast bread dough and deep-fried in lard. Whether the anonymous author actually invented the idea or recounted a new practice, the concept of filling a doughnut with jam spread across the globe.