Did You See DoughBoys Donuts on Channel 2?

Here is KTVN's Kristen Remington talking about DoughBoys Donuts.

Here is the great article they included on their website as well.

DoughBoy's Donuts Helps Serve Up Sweet Support

By Meghan Breen

You might be surprised to learn that an area donut shop never sells donuts that are a day old! But what they do with the leftovers is pretty sweet.

Lines form daily at both DoughBoy’s Donuts locations in Reno - for their donuts, croissant-doughnut pastries and Wolf Pack paws.

And every day of the week, one man shows up, too.

Michael J. Richards is with The Salvation Army. He's just a few weeks shy of graduating from the adult rehabilitation program, and his work responsibility includes driving to area businesses - which donate food to the non-profit.

DoughBoy's Donuts is one of those locally-owned shops.

Jay Kenny says DoughBoy’s doesn't sell day-old donuts, so instead of throwing them away, he found another opportunity to make people happy.

“Whatever we do have at the end of the day will go to the salvation army which then intends gifts to the local shelters in town,” says Kenny.

“I feel blessed because I'm doing something right and it makes me put smile on every morning and I thank God that I get to do this,” adds Richards.

DoughBoy's Donuts donates hundreds of their sweet treats to The Salvation Army every week.