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DoughBoys Donuts Menu

Simply put, it doesn't get fresher, fluffier or more genuinely delicious than a DoughBoys Donut. Our donuts are hand cut and baked fresh throughout the day by our skilled bakers, right here in Reno and Sparks, NV using only the highest quality ingredients. DoughBoys Donuts uses only premium jams, fillings and icings for genuine melt in your mouth goodness.

To round out our menu, we are pleased to also offer a full selection of freshly baked croissants, bagels, breakfast sandwiches and gourmet roasted coffees, teas and hot chocolate. Whether you’re starting your day or enjoying an afternoon treat, you can't go wrong with a stop at DoughBoys Donuts.

Cake Donuts

For the donut purist in all of us, traditional round donut with crumbly perfection

blueberry cake donut

blueberry cake

crumb cake donut

crumb cake

strawberry cake donut

strawberry cake

Devils Food Cake Donuts

For the chocolate loving donut purist in all of us, traditional round chocolate donut, chocolate frosting with crumbly perfection

devils food cake chocolate and chocolate chip donut

chocolate chip

devils food cake chocolate and chocolate spinkles donut

chocolate spinkles

devils food cake chocolate coconut donut



devils food cake glaze donut


White Cake Donuts

For the donut purist in all of us, traditional round donut with crumbly perfection

white cake cherry frosting

cherry glazed

white cake chocolate frosting coconut donut

chocolate glazed coconut

white cake chocolate frosting donut

chocolate glazed

chocolate glazed sprinkles

white cake maple donut

maple glazed

orange glazed

powdered cake donut

powdered cake

white cake vanilla frosting chocolate sprinkles donut

vanilla glazed chocolate sprinkles

white cake vanilla frosting chocolate chips

vanilla glazed chocolate chips

Old-Fashioned Donuts

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Moist on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside

old fashioned chocolate donut


old fashioned glazed donut


old fashioned maple donut



Raised Donuts

A light and fluffy yeast-raised ring, some devotees will eat none other

cherry glazed donut

cherry glazed

cherry glazed sprinkles

chocolate glazed donut

chocolate glazed

chocolate glazed sprinkles

raised coconut donut


raised crumb donut


glazed donut


maple glazed donut

maple glazed

orange glazed donut

orange glazed

orange glazed sprinkles

raised sugar donut


vanilla glazed donut

vanilla glazed

vanilla glazed sprinkles donut

vanilla glazed sprinkles


Broke the round mold and raised the bar for donuts everywhere

chocolate bar donut


chocolate chip bar

chocolate chip

chocolate twist donut

chocolate twist

glazed twist donut

glazed twist

maple twist donut

maple twist


peanut butter bar

peanut butter

Filled Donuts

DoughBoys Donuts uses only premium jams, fillings and icings for these delectable favorites.

angel cream

bavarian cream

blueberry jelly donut

blueberry jelly

lemon jelly donut

lemon jelly

maple bavarian cream donut

maple bavarian cream

raspberry jelly donut

raspberry jelly

strawberry jelly

Buttermilk Donuts

Buttermilk donuts are all about the texture. They are soft and cakey on the inside, and golden brown on the outside with little nooks and crannies for the glaze to hold onto. More dense than a yeast donut.

buttermilk chocolate donut



buttermilk glazed donut


buttermilk maple donut


buttermilk plain donut


Cruller Donuts

A light and fluffy yeast-raised twisted treat

cherry cruller donut


chocolate cruller donut



maple cruller donut


vanilla cruller donut


Cake Donut Holes

For the donut purist in all of us, just in a smaller scale

crumb cake donut hole


glazed cake donut hole


sprinkle cake donut hole


Specialty Donuts

Get ready – you’ll never look at donuts the same again

apple fritter

apple fritter

MINI apple fritter

MINI apple fritter

blueberry fritter

cherry fritter

cherry fritter

bear claw

chocolate chip roll

chocolate chip roll

cinnamon role

cinnamon role

MINI cinnamon roll

MINI cinnamon roll

tiger tail

Wolf Pack Paw

There’s no better way to show your support for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack! Raised donut shaped like a wolf paw with blue vanilla icing.

wolf pack paw donut

wolf pack paw

Chocolate wolf pack paw donut

Chocolate wolf pack paw

Big Boy

This donut is like 12 donuts in one! Boasting an 8-inch diameter of donut-goodness, it’s a fun alternative to traditional desserts and can be customized for birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries and more! It’s a raise, glazed donut with your choice of butterscotch, chocolate or cherry icing.

big boy donut

big boy

special event easter big boy

easter big boy

chocolate big boy

chocolate sprinkles big boy


Maybe you are looking for something a little more savory or less sweet? Here is some of our other freshly baked croissant options.



almond croissant

almond croissant

blueberry croissant

chocolate chip croissant

chocolate chip croissant

ham and cheese croissant

jalapeno croissant

jalapeno croissant

strawberry croissant

Seasonal Specialties

Whether it’s a Christmas Tree, Valentine’s Day Heart or Shamrock shaped donut, DoughBoys Donuts specialty donuts makes special occasions just that much more special. Please note these are ONLY available during holidays in LIMITED SUPPLY or by special order.

pumpkin donuts


kentucky derby

kentucky derby

shamrock donuts

green shamrocks

shamrock vanilla chocolate

make a wish stars


Churro Donuts


Mothers Day Donuts

mother's day

heart shaped

golf inspired

basketball donuts


Breakfast for a group? Be sure to ask about our 96 oz. disposable coffee dispensers!